New Functions of Google AdWords

New scripts for Client Center in AdWords This week Google presented new scripts for Client Center in AdWords which are available for all users. These scripts are possible to use for automation the account’s technical service, its changes and reports. It also means that users will get advantages of automation at several accounts at the

How to Use Google+ to Boost Your Site Traffic

Google search has always been the great equalizer in website traffic. Because of Google+, the more attention and authority you have with other people the more traffic you get. To drive traffic to your site you need to connect through this relatively new social media platform. How Google+ changes the search game A critical type

Five Things That You Need to Change About Your Website

If you find that your website is falling behind in terms of customer satisfaction and profit, the answer to your problems might lie within your website’s content. Many website owners make the mistake of underestimating how badly their websites can hurt their companies’ progress. Don’t be that person. These are five things you should change

How To Boost A New Twitter Account

If you have a new Twitter account, it can be very frustrating to learn how to build this account. I mean, everyone seems to be using Twitter today and with so many people on the network, how can you get people to pay attention to your account? It all begins with creating a great profile.

Essential Applications And Tools That Will Make Your Twitter Life Easier

There is no doubt that one of the most popular and outstanding product in the social media is Twitter. You can easily find a lot of mention about this social media platform in the form of Twitter books, Twitter Conferences, blogs and articles. For someone who wants to explore this platform to its fullest, here

10 Content Ideas To Get More Exposure For Your Blog

Besides actually doing some good in the society by providing valuable information, every blogger has one single goal, to get his/her blog as much exposure as possible. This is the whole reason as to why people start blogs, to get their message out there. Whatever the message is entirely depends on the blogger. Now, the

What To Ask Your Potential SEO Consultant/Expert

For many people, search engine optimization is a very elusive field of internet marketing. Due to the general lack of information of people about SEO, it is a fertile ground for charlatans, frauds and simply incompetent people who advertise themselves as SEO experts and want to take your good money for their sub-par services. In

Multi-Channel Funnels: How it can Boost your SEO Campaign

According to the search engine optimization (SEO) experts, analysis of return on investments will be one of the most prominent forecasts in the world of social media marketing for the year 2013. In other words, digital marketing specialists will look for better tools to evaluate the profits generated out of their SEO campaign. As a

The Insider’s Guide to Automating Your Blog Earnings

The idea of truly passive income where you just sit back and let your automated blogs do the work is extremely tempting. While not offering a completely free lunch, there are a lot of things you can do to automate a blog to provide AdSense and affiliate link earnings. Check out these steps and tools