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Afterwards, Usher voiced by Affion Crockett comes over and sings to her the same song, and he and Sarah hit it off, taking many pictures together and having a good time, leaving Tom to mull over his dinner alone.

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Riley and Granddad encourage him to go lay down the law and assert his role as man of the house, which he attempts to do.

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Tom, Sarah and Usher

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Sarah and Tom split after an unexpected appearance by Usher causes an infatuated Sarah to put on a girlish display at their anniversary dinner.

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When Sarah tells Tom to stop the car and he responds, "Now, now, we won't have any of that", it's probably referencing a joke in Eddie Murphy's stand-up special Delirious about white men leaving their significant others on the side of the road.

Description: Boldly walking up to them, he grabs Sarah by the arm and demands that she leave with him, stating: "Sarah.. A similar thing happened earlier in the comic strip, although the reasons for Tom getting kicked out are different in the TV series than in the strip.

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