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South Korea is a notoriously conservative society, and given the high value that it places on education and tertiary degrees, professors are held in the highest esteem.

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Deftly navigating a variety of genres and tones, director Kim Sang-chan shows a spectrum of Korean male attitudes towards women, from respect to exploitation to abuse—and worse.

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Erotic Korea Film 18 Hot 2018

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Furious at the adultery of her husband Jo Jae-hyun , a woman Lee Eun-woo vengefully castrates their teen son Seo Young-ju.

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They are joined by the fugitive hostess Na-ju Kim Na-mi and a resident of the building Bang Jun-ho whose presence has barely been noticed—and these four dysfunctional loners form a new kind of family unit, even as a misogynistic serial murderer circles in for the kill.

Description: Sung-wook Lee Moon-sik , the depressed owner of the Addiction Karaoke, relaxes by listening with headphones to porn that he never watches, while his new employee Ha-suck Bae So-eun helps the business boom by freely administering blowjobs to clients. No man is an island—and yet as a fugitive Kim Yoo-suk attempts suicide on a hired houseboat, he is interrupted by the mute caretaker Suh Jung , and they embark together on an intense sadomasochistic affair which will engender further jealousy, mutilation and murder.

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