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In , as the Papacy moved to fully annex the duchy to the Papal States , the della Rovere court moved to Pesaro , where the painting hung in the Villa Imperiale.

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It depicts a nude young woman, traditionally identified with the goddess Venus , reclining on a couch or bed in the sumptuous surroundings of a Renaissance palace.

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Authentic Stock Photography by Albinos

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The production of heirs was of great concern in elite marriages.

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Description: For Charles Hope , "It has yet to be shown that the most famous example of this genre, Titian's Venus of Urbino , is anything other than a representation of a beautiful nude woman on a bed, devoid of classical or even allegorical content. In this depiction, Titian has domesticated Venus by moving her to an indoor setting, engaging her with the viewer, and making her sensuality explicit; some even believe the figure is engaging in masturbation.

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