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I The man bent over his guitar, A shearsman of sorts.

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Paintings give us only a peek into a scene.

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Click on each painting to extrapolate it!

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NSFW: Nude Paintings of Tumblr Swinger Photos Celebrate the New Exhibitionism

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Some of his favorite subjects were the female form, the nude figure or a beautiful head of a favourite model.

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He was a founder of the Art Brut movement and purposefully steered his sphere of influence towards the art of children or the mentally ill, rather than the accepted Parisian salons of preceding decades.

Description: Poets and painters have turned to one another for inspiration, and the dialogue has been mutually beneficial. As Leonardo da Vinci, whom Hikaru has followed since he was ten, he is a man of multiple expressions: art, music opera , acting, writing, dancing, and teaching to name a few.

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