Learn to Select the Ideal CMS for your Business

Selecting the perfect CMS for your website (Content Management System) is definitely a tricky job. Without knowing the specific requirements of your business, how will you choose among the varied range of small editing tools to expensive solutions? The best strategy is to determine the needs and requirements of your organization’s CMS Website before going to make the selection. Though the factors vary according to the profile of individual business organization, there are some common features that you should look for in a CMS website. Here I have jotted down those essential factors to help you out; take a quick look:

CMS Technology

Check whether the CMS publish static pages or it uses a dynamic publishing technology. A dynamic one will cause delay in loading when clicked extensively. If you don’t want to disappoint your readers with a slow loading web page try to opt for the static ones. Moreover, dynamic pages are reported to have lower rankings in the search engines than the static pages. Since your business depends a lot on the search engine rankings, it is better to go for the static ones.

Good User Accessibility

Since you are not a professional web designer it is not possible for you to understand the technical details. While choosing a CMS ensure that it provides a suitable framework for a professional website as well as allows you an easy access to make certain necessary changes.

Be assured about the support system

Though many companies provide free support source, it is advised to not to depend on them. It is better to provide a little extra money to secure the quality support when you require it. Before making the final selection ask the administrator if they charge any additional cost for providing further support and whether they are accessible 24X7 in case you need their help.

Choose a Simple template

It is advised to opt for a simple template manipulation as you can reconfigure it with your presentation, logo and content whenever you want.

The CMS should be flexible

Remember that the content’s presentation should not be controlled by technology. Some designers create the content in such a way that it puts unfair constraints on the website and hampers the users’ accessibility. An ideal CMS should be flexible enough so that necessary changes like updating the content, reversing the chronological order, showing events in the calendar etc. can be made.


As the number of content provider increases you will need to control the editing. For example, certain people should be responsible for posting job advertisements while some other can add the content. Hence, make sure that the CMS you choose supports permissions. Again, with the increasing number of content contributors, you will need someone to review the contents, while the junior staff can develop the content. To do this you need to have a CMS that allows multiple roles.

Well, these are the some of the unique features that you need to consider before selecting the ideal CMS for your website.

Contributed by Kenneth Parkar.