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To start the process with an already-written manuscript, please get in touch by email at ExecSocks aol.

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As my heart raced my testicles seemed to shift in my sac…and pre seed oozed from my cock slit and slid down my veiny shaft….

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FUCK THAT, I had never in my life known just how sexually sensitive my nipples were, because under the water my erection was churning furiously as this mysterious maid worked her magic on me…via my nipples….

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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

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Professional Experience: Editing: Includes writing, nearly 40 books published, most of them short story collections, some of them full length erotic novels reviewing the writing of other authors.

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Description: Coincidentally both of our wives were out of town on business for the companies they work for so with no plans for the evening I invited Arthur to come to my place after work for dinner…Chinese take-out of course. When he separated his toes I jammed my nose between them, taking in the scent of his toe jam.

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