SEO Communication Strategy

SEO is known commonly as an industry where you absolutely don’t deal with other human beings. You may be attracted to this professional field if you are someone who is at home behind a computer screen – and simply doesn’t excel at creating great human to human relationships. Well, what you might not be realizing is that if you aren’t putting in some quality effort to make good first impressions, and make quality long lasting relationships, you could be missing out on some real SEO opportunities! Having good long lasting professional relationships is good in any field, but you just might be surprised how essential it is in the field of SEO. Take a quick look at these basic tips and strategies on how you can benefit from making good first impressions that will get results!

Introductions matter!

In SEO, you don’t typically get a lot of phone numbers to contact folks directly – so it’s important to get your email etiquette in line so you actually get responses when you send someone a message! While it might be tempting to send minimalist text style emails with blunt propositions and demands, these types of outreach emails can actually offend people, and should not be practiced regularly. If your relying on this kind of outreach as the step one to something like guest posing or link exchange – you’ll be sadly mistaken to go down the road of blunt communication. The essential things you must do in this first outreach email are show your expertise, express enthusiasm, and generally show your interest for long term work with this prospect site. Here are some basic DO’s when it comes to sending a cold outreach email for SEO opportunities:

1. Include lots of very specific mentions or references to details from the website you are emailing; this lets them know that you are not a robot sending a form email – and this is crucial.

2. Keep the email pretty short, about 4 – 5 sentences at the longest; too long of an email simply gets ignored.

3. Make clear mention of the value your site provides as well; this shows that you can bring something to the table.

4. Definitely directly make clear with a call to action what you want, and what your next step should be – without this, you can’t expect any urgency in a response.

Equally as important as getting your sense of urgency across in a call to action, is the need not to be push and make demands. You also don’t want to sound too desperate in your message. Here are a few thing you should definitely NOT do in order to get results from your introduction message:

1. Don’t boast or brag about how great or superior your website is than everyone else’s. This can come off as offensive, and can seem condescending to your prospect. Nobody wants to work with a jerk.

2. Don’t beg or plead for the opportunity too much, making it seem like a charity to work with you. Even if this gets you one link, it’s not the kind of relationship that someone wants to work in long term.

3. Never mention money, or push an opportunity for a fee. This is black hat SEO – and unless that’s what you’re going for (don’t!) you don’t want to ever seem that kind of individual.

Regularly Scheduled Maintenance

Just like any good working machine, a good professional relationship requires regular maintenance if you expect it to perform when you need it. If you simply disappear after you’ve achieved your first link opportunity for example; this is going to blacklist you in the long run – particularly if you’ve made all kinds of claims about the long term value that you can provide. Even if you look at things selfishly, you’re throwing away a great opportunity for yourself by not pursuing the relationship on an ongoing basis – as it could be a consistent source of SEO value for you. Check out these basic tips and guidelines for the proper maintenance of a professional SEO relationship:

1. It’s important to regularly visit your contact’s website and make note of the updates and strategies you observe them enacting. This lets them know you’re a real devoted professional partner who isn’t simply looking out for their own interests.

2. You have GOT to send regular “check-in” emails at least once per month in order to remain relevant and top of mind. These little messages show your devotion to the relationship, and let you stay at the forefront of upcoming prospect opportunities.

3. If and when emailed from your prospect – make sure to respond within at least one business day. Anything less just seems flaky.

With this kind of strategy, your ultimate goal is simply to make the other party feel as though you are someone they can rely on. As an industry peer, you want to be thought of as the one to turn to for advice, insight, and the occasional opportunity. Likewise – you want to be thought of when your prospect has a great opportunity to throw the preverbal “SEO Bone.” Just imagine – in any part of life – when you’ve had the chance to give even just a small perk to anyone you choose, and you think “hmmm…. Just who’s day should I make today?” The important thing is that when your prospect thinks that exact same thing, they think of you!

Author Bio: Tyler Watkins represents, the nation’s premier Postcard Printer.