The Impact Of Regular Blogging On SEO

Blogging is growing in popularity by the day. Blogs, even business blogs, are personal in nature, help to build relationships, and help to build personal and business brands online. The real advantage of blogging is that there is a significant benefit to search engine optimization.

Blogging software is typically easy to load, use, optimize for search engines to crawl and index properly for high rankings. While the software makes it easier on the search engines, there are still steps that any blogger must take to make higher rankings more likely.

Important steps such as optimizing titles, meta descriptions, site speed and internal linking are important, but require a little more technical skill. An easier step that any blogger can start right away is to begin posting more frequently.

Frequency And Traffic

Blogs that post more frequently are often rewarded with more search engine traffic for a number of reasons. There is a direct correlation between frequent posting and customer acquisition. Does this mean that active blogs receive more traffic? Not necessarily, but when coupled with other factors, it is reasonable to assume that the most a blog publishes, the more traffic it will get.

Post Frequency And Opportunity In Search

The more content a blog publishes, the more keywords it will inevitably cover. While each post may cover a specific keyword, any number of related terms may be found in each post. As a blog develops trust and authority with search engines, it will often be found for more and more terms.

Fresh Content And Google

While posting frequently will obviously add to the overall volume of content on a blog, in some markets, the freshness of content is a ranking factor. For instance, breaking news in the financial sector is likely to have overlapping keywords, as well as current events.

Explained by Google in November 2011, the Caffeine indexing system indexes and classifies content with these terms in mind. An example would be your favorite sports team. Searching for “San Francisco Giants” will naturally bring up more recent content, as that is what searchers are looking for.

While frequently updated blogs may not always be covering current events, this should be a consideration in certain markets.

Posting Frequently Brings More Links

Links are still vital to achieving high search engine rankings. The more a blog publishes content, the more opportunity it can be seen and linked to. As a blog gains more incoming links, its authority rises, making newer pieces of content more likely to rank with fewer links and other forms of promotion.

It All Comes Down To Authority

It is possible for a small website to become an authority hub online, but it is rare. Larger sites that cover a particular topic from every conceivable angle and have many links across many posts develop large amounts of trust and authority.

The main goal is to develop substantial authority for the blog as a whole, and posting frequently helps to achieve this.

Bruno Wong is an Internet Marketing Specialist at ClickMinded, an online class for learning search engine optimization.