The Insider’s Guide to Automating Your Blog Earnings

The idea of truly passive income where you just sit back and let your automated blogs do the work is extremely tempting. While not offering a completely free lunch, there are a lot of things you can do to automate a blog to provide AdSense and affiliate link earnings. Check out these steps and tools and get on the passive income train.

Getting Started

The first thing you’ll need is a blog or several blogs. WordPress now features an integrated manager for multiple blogs, which is very handy indeed. You can choose to set up your blogs manually, or go with a hosting company like WebFusion or BlueHost that offers one-click WordPress installation.

Use the Synclastic Privacy Policy Plugin to avoid annoying Google and load up the Google XML Sitemaps plug-in for better search engine indexing and visibility. Of course, you’ll also want Google Analytics so that you can monitor each blog and make improvements.


The point here is to make an income, so you’ll want a Google AdSense account, an Amazon Affiliate account and any other monetization options you come across. It can be tempting to completely plaster your blog in ads, but sometimes less is more.

Try to place your ads in a natural way, so that they aren’t completely in the face of your readers. Consider using something like AffiLinker Affiliate for WordPress so that relevant keywords are automatically converted into affiliate links for you.

Creating Content

Next you’ll need content. There are a number of services you can use for automated content posting, such as WPVideoTube for automatic video posting, WP-O-Matic, which allows you to choose RSS feeds from which it will create posts, and WPDripFeeder which allows you to queue up a massive number of articles for steady, natural posting.

Try to avoid going hog-wild. Three to five posts a day is fine. You can also find plug-ins that can convert specifics phrases to your preferred keywords, so that, for example, an article general rehab will draw searchers for Clarity Way rehab to your blog.

Now, Google isn’t fond of duplicate content, so you’ll need a way to have unique pieces. There are article spinning software options like JetSpinner, but it is definitely better to find a content writer to do it for you. If you only want a hundred words or so as an intro to a link from your RSS feed, this can be quite affordable.

However, it does take some work to find a reliable writer. If you find that one of your sites is performing well in a profitable niche, it might be worthwhile to invest in unique and compelling content. Once you have a good writer, you’ll just need to let them do their work and pay their fee.

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