Why Guest Posting Should Be On Top Of Every Online Marketer’s Campaign

Online marketing tactics evolve regularly, and sometimes catches by surprise.

And the ‘it’ strategy of the moment is guest posting which have been fully embraced by online marketers and writers because of the following reasons:

It Fits Right Into Google’s Mood

Guest posting satisfies Google’s Panda, Penguin, and Exact-Match Domain (EMD) updates. Content is relevant and acceptably long enough for actual readers to understand and consume. There are no questionable comments from high-risk sites such as porn, insurance, and encouraged pharmaceutical products.

Posts from writers help the receiving blog to generate niche-oriented content which makes them good to Google’s algorithm. Keyword stuffing and over-optimization are non-existent.

Resources are Vast

SEO companies will not have the excuse of having zero resources to guest post on. There are numerous guest blogging communities where blog owners ask for posts and where writers offer already-written articles. To add to the bandwagon of guest posting, many have set up blog sections and guest post forms for writers to submit their raw content.

This ‘guest post love’ phenomenon started about two years but only came to full circle in 2012 because the guest posts began to occupy a noticeable percentage in terms of backlinks and valid traffic source.

Links are more natural and clean-looking

Guest posts are not out-of-favor links but are rather a two-way, white hat link. The writer gets a potential link back and the blog owner has a content to upload. The posts are far from being promotional but are written in a way that is informational and interesting and updated. And since guests posts reviewed by actual persons, there is no ‘blog intrusion’ because the owner has control of what’s being posted.

Also, guest posts are more or less permanent than other forms of link building forms because they are in place as long as the blog is live and up. Blog owners do not have to worry about their blogs being squeezed out of link juice because the average backlink per guest post is 1-4.

Opportunity to develop writing skills

Guest posting is a chance for writers to get out of their comfort zone and write about a variety of topics. Writers, especially those who have been confined to just one niche for years, have the tendency to shy away from topics that are not their cup of tea and thus become stagnant in terms of how and what they write about.

Originality is the main criteria that blog owners look for before approving and publishing a guest post which prompts writers to put extra effort to making sure that there are no duplicates by writing from scratch and checking with Copyscape and other web-based duplicate checkers.

Laycie Grace has a variety of essay writing gigs both off and online and has had a seven-year dream of putting up a small SEO company of her own.